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Corporate Testimonials

The Core Values Index™ has done an excellent job at capturing some innate core traits of the person's unchanging nature. Several experts in optimal human functioning such as Abraham Maslow, Peter Drucker and Marcus Buckingham have described these core traits as an "inner bent", "propensity" or "core wiring." Because of this, Taylor Protocols is able to make a compelling and convincing connection between the essential nature of each person and the tasks and contributions that are inherent in his/her work.

David Mashburn Ph.D.

Dr. Mashburn has over 20 years as a Clinical Psychologist, teaching assessments at the Graduate level, and is an Organizational Consultant who is also Adjunct Professor of Business at SPU and Partner of Tidemark (a targeted online recruiting company).

The 80/20 Protocol process clearly profiled our top-producing brokers. It solved the problem of knowing whom to hire for success and reduction of turnover. The CVI™ assessment that takes less than ten minutes to complete makes the Employment Pre-selection System™ possible. This is the cure for the classic 80/20 problem.

Art Nunes, Senior Vice President, Dain Rauscher, Inc.

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Personal Testimonials

After one year of using the Taylor Protocols Ideal Profile to prescreen for employment, we have tripled our top performer group and have reduced our poor performance group to less than 13%. The savings for us in recruiting costs and reduced turnover are tremendous and the increased sales opportunity is extraordinary.

David Erland, Managing Associate, New England Financial

As Best Practice Chair in DC and Baltimore, I arranged for Lynn to conduct several two-day retreats for the Chair groups. Participating Chairs reported that this was the best training they had experienced in Vistage. Several said that they had learned more about themselves in these sessions than in any other, including the work of James Newton and Morrie Schectmann.

David Belden, Best Practice Chair, Vistage

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VAR Testimonials

I originally chose to sign up for the VAR program because I felt there was a great opportunity, through CVI and Taylor Protocols, to help companies change the way they do business and to help them generate greater profit through proper alignment of people. As a business coach I’d never seen a tool like CVI that would so accurately capture the innate unchanging nature of a person rather than just the behavior. I was also excited about the business opportunity with Taylor Protocols.

As a business and executive coach Taylor Protocols has provided me with a new way to approach businesses that I’d not previously had in my “tool box”. Almost every company struggles with hiring the right people, turnover or retaining good people. The combination of CVI and the Taylor Protocols addresses that need in a very powerful way. I like the fact that when I tell people about the Taylor Protocols hiring process that I am able to guarantee that the company will hire an A or B player!

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Susan B. Katz, CEO, The Growth Coach by Life Time Ventures, LLC

My coaching and consulting work began to disappear with the economy crunch, and the requirement to “sell myself” increased. I had lost 2 big clients in one month. When Lynn Taylor introduced me to the CVI and his Protocols, I immediately saw an opportunity to bring more to the table in my value proposition. The revenue opportunity, and the possibility there would be future work based on the prescriptive model that Lynn brought with his Protocols was compelling. Upon joining forces with Taylor Protocols, I started sharing the CVI™ with my client companies and saw immediate results.

My underlying fear from the beginning was the thought that Taylor Protocols would make my work irrelevant. In a short time, I found the opposite was true. The work that Taylor does is prescriptive and diagnostic in nature. Their upfront work necessitates my work as an executive coach. The Executive Team Profile™ actually found the “black holes” on the teams we served. The Human Capital Audits™ actually proved to my companies that they were operating at an average of 33% human capital efficiency. They needed to make changes and were compelled to do so…and were convinced that hiring me would facilitate the prescriptions that Taylor Protocols made. In a down economy, I’m finding my companies are more than willing to bring me in because we are showing them how to increase their profit margins between 20 - 30% and lowering labor costs by 30%. This has been the mission of virtually each company we encounter. All are trying to do more with less.

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Dan Cox, CEO, TransAlliance, LLC

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