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Value Added Partner Testimonials

I originally chose to sign up for the VAR program because I felt there was a great opportunity, through the CVI and Taylor Protocols, to help companies change the way they do business and to help them generate greater profit through proper alignment of people. As a business coach I’d never seen a tool like the CVI that would so accurately capture the innate unchanging nature of a person rather than just the behavior. I was also excited about the business opportunity with Taylor Protocols.

As a business and executive coach Taylor Protocols has provided me with a new way to approach businesses that I’d not previously had in my “tool box”. Almost every company struggles with hiring the right people, turnover or retaining good people. The combination of the CVI and the Taylor Protocols addresses that need in a very powerful way. I like the fact that when I tell people about the Taylor Protocols hiring process that I am able to guarantee that the company will hire an A or B player!

In the months I’ve been working with Taylor Protocols I’ve not only generated significant revenue from Taylor Protocols but I’ve also gained new coaching clients/business as a result of introducing the Taylor Protocols work. Speaking from a coaching perspective, Taylor Protocols is the perfect complement to the work that I do. It is much easier to coach people when they are properly aligned in their organization. In addition, the CVI is a great tool that I’ve now incorporated into my coaching business.

I am so grateful that I’ve discovered Taylor Protocols and the CVI and I believe that the work I am doing with TP will continue to help me drive greater success in my business as well as the businesses I serve. I strongly recommend aligning with Taylor Protocols to any coach or consultant who is looking to add greater value to organizations while generating additional income for themselves.

Susan B. Katz, CEO, The Growth Coach by Life Time Ventures, LLC
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My coaching and consulting work began to disappear with the economy crunch, and the requirement to “sell myself” increased. I had lost 2 big clients in one month. When Lynn Taylor introduced me to the CVI and his Protocols, I immediately saw an opportunity to bring more to the table in my value proposition. The revenue opportunity, and the possibility there would be future work based on the prescriptive model that Lynn brought with his Protocols was compelling. Upon joining forces with Taylor Protocols, I started sharing the CVI™ with my client companies and saw immediate results.

My underlying fear from the beginning was the thought that Taylor Protocols would make my work irrelevant. In a short time, I found the opposite was true. The work that Taylor does is prescriptive and diagnostic in nature. Their upfront work necessitates my work as an executive coach. The Executive Team Profile™ actually found the “black holes” on the teams we served. The Human Capital Audits™ actually proved to my companies that they were operating at an average of 33% human capital efficiency. They needed to make changes and were compelled to do so…and were convinced that hiring me would facilitate the prescriptions that Taylor Protocols made. In a down economy, I’m finding my companies are more than willing to bring me in because we are showing them how to increase their profit margins between 20 - 30% and lowering labor costs by 30%. This has been the mission of virtually each company we encounter. All are trying to do more with less.

In a year’s time, I have gained more revenue than I thought possible. It comes in different forms: commissions from the Protocols (~30K), and new Executive Coaching assignments (~40K). On top of this is the residual income from job placements as a result of our work. This residual income will grow as my book of business grows, and will continue to pay into the future as companies adopt the Top Performer Profile™ as their standard of practice for hiring. I estimate that with 100 client companies each hiring 6 employees a year at an average of 40K in first year income, my company would net over 200K in residual income per year…and into the future. In the course of my work in the next 20 years, I intend to take my Coaching and Training into as many companies as I can handle. It’s comforting to know I can create a residual income that eventually will allow me to retire with financial security, and will leave a legacy to my children.

Specific examples of how my practice has generated revenue with the Protocols:

Company A – 8Mill in gross revenue, and 45 employees: In April of 2010, we conducted an ETP™, and 2 TPP’s™ at 15K for the initial project. As a VAR, I received over $6,000 in revenue. Travel was paid by the company client, we spent 4 hours doing the ETP™, and approximately 2 more hours doing the 2 TPP’s™. I actually made $1000 per hour by joining forces with Taylor. On top of that, three months following the Protocol work, my company closed a 4-month coaching contract for $16,500. We met weekly for an hour, and spent 2 days conducting a company training with the managers. The outcome is still outstanding, but we are on our way to causing a 20% downward shift in labor cost margins, and 20% increase in net profit.

Company B – One plant of 300 nationwide, this one plant making 8mill in revenue: In May of 2010, we conducted a Human Capital Audit™, and have now completed our first Facilitated Top Performer Profile™ and the first hire from that Profile. They have spent approximately 15K and will most likely spend another 15K over the next 6 months to follow through with our prescriptions to get only A & B players into each department. By the time they are through, they will have placed back on the bottom line between 500K to 1 million in labor costs (depending on how much they are willing to act). We also believe they will see at least a 30% increase in productive output. Our goal is to use this plant as a pilot project before taking our work nationwide to the 300 other plants that face the same challenge. My initial income was $5000. With additional projects, this will continue to increase, residual income will increase, and my opportunity to bring executive coaching to this company will increase. The revenue model really works just as promised by Taylor Protocols!

For all potential VAR’s interested in the Taylor Protocol revenue model, please don’t hesitate to call and query me on my experience so far. The learning curve has been steep, but well worth the investment of time and energy. As for the VAR training cost, I have made my money back 10 fold! When you follow the Taylor Model, you should expect the same.

Dan Cox, CEO, TransAlliance, LLC