Taylor Protocols - Corporate Testimonials

Corporate Testimonials

The Core Values Index™ has done an excellent job at capturing some innate core traits of the person's unchanging nature. Several experts in optimal human functioning such as Abraham Maslow, Peter Drucker and Marcus Buckingham have described these core traits as an "inner bent", "propensity" or "core wiring". Because of this, Taylor Protocols is able to make a compelling and convincing connection between the essential nature of each person and the tasks and contributions that are inherent in his/her work.

David Mashburn Ph.D.

Dr. Mashburn has over 20 years as a Clinical Psychologist, teaching assessments at the Graduate level, and is an Organizational Consultant who is also Adjunct Professor of Business at SPU and Partner of Tidemark (a targeted online recruiting company).

The 80/20 Protocol process clearly profiled our top-producing brokers. It solved the problem of knowing whom to hire for success and reduction of turnover. The CVI™ assessment that takes less than ten minutes to complete makes the Employment Pre-selection System™ possible. This is the cure for the classic 80/20 problem.

Art Nunes, Senior Vice President, Dain Rauscher, Inc.

After one year of using the Taylor Protocols Top Performer Profile™ to prescreen for employment, we have tripled our top performer group and have reduced our poor performance group to less than 13%. The savings for us in recruiting costs and reduced turnover are tremendous and the increased sales opportunity is extraordinary.

David Erland, Managing Associate, New England Financial

As Best Practice Chair in DC and Baltimore, I arranged for Lynn to conduct several two-day retreats for the Chair groups. Participating Chairs reported that this was the best training they had experienced in Vistage. Several said that they had learned more about themselves in these sessions than in any other, including the work of James Newton and Morrie Schectmann.

David Belden, Best Practice Chair, Vistage

Lynn, your full day session here with us at ALCOA Primary Metals was a highlight of my career. Based upon your instructions and guidance we have been able to restructure our Customer Service Team and Field Sales Representatives for significantly better customer support, increased sales, and improved team spirit.

You have helped me to leave a very positive legacy at ALCOA. I and the team want to thank you for the high energy, engaging presentations and group processes. We put nearly everything you brought to us into play almost immediately.

I can honestly say that you contributed more in one day than I had been able to effect in the previous two years. In fact you cleaned up some of my mistakes. This has been a real gift to me as I retire. You put a great cap on a good career.

Robert Park, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, ALCOA Primary Metals

I want to thank you for your amazing impact on myself and my company. Your half day presentation was powerful, fun and highly instructional. The half day workshop that followed has caused us to restructure our Service Department, which we had believed to be very strong, into an outstanding performance group. We have increased our productive output more than 40% in just a few months.

But the single most important fact has been my own change of thinking and acting. I am aware of my presence in the room. I consider what core value is most important at every important interchange. I am making clear minded decisions, better and faster than I ever imagined I would.

It had been a long time since we had all laughed so hard together. Some even cried a little. But I have never seen my team more engaged. I could not believe how much interaction you got from them, even with me in the room. I am newly impressed with them, and grateful to you.

John Willey II, President and CEO, Peninsula Oil, Inc.

I now have only A and B performers in every position in my company. The Taylor Protocols Pre-Selection system is the most powerful business tool I have ever discovered. I am telling everyone about it.

Chuck Orton, President of MacDonald Miller Residential

The CVI™ automated Employment Pre-selection System™ is a very cost-effective way for organizations to ensure proper hire and a good fit into their unique cultures and values in these days of tight employment, fickle employee loyalties, and expensive turnover. The CVI™ is quick and easy to administer, quick and easy to access, and very easy to interpret.

Compared with other much higher priced assessment tools, the CVI™ is extremely accurate, and is an exceptional value. Tie it in with the wealth of knowledge at your fingertips on the Taylor Protocols.com website, and have a valuable resource for any company or organization that is looking to improve its performance in hiring and retaining top talent.

Ron Huntington, Owner and Senior Consultant to Management, Executive Mentors and Trainers, Seattle WA

I have used the CVI™ Employment Pre-selection System™ when recruiting senior executives. The results from the CVI™ were an invaluable aid in looking at the candidates beneath the surface of their resume qualifications.

Interesting-insightful-right on target. These are words spoken by employees who have taken the CVI™. The results were most helpful in creating development plans for employees to improve their core capacity.

Glen Villalobos, Vice President, Volunteers of America

I am writing this letter to express my deep appreciation for the work you have done with my company. Before working with Taylor Protocols, I considered my business to be successful, but found it increasingly difficult to manage the growth. The program was easy to implement and we started using the tools in our first week. In just 9 months of working with Taylor Protocols, we have experienced dramatic improvement to sales volume, profitability, and workflow efficiency.

Most notable of these items was a 25% increase in sales and 105% increase in profits over last year, which by the way, was formerly known as our ‘best year ever’.

The CVI™ tools have allowed me to better focus the energies of my staff and upper management, and I feel we have raised the bar on the overall quality of work. On a personal level, your business insight and CVI™ tools helped me to achieve a new level of success with my company and provided a new foundation from which to make critical business decisions. Needless to say, your work has made a huge difference in my company – and I sleep better at night.

Chris J Huber, President, Virtual Systems

Thanks so much for presenting at our ISPI November Chapter Meeting. Our members found your presentation very engaging, pertinent to their work and personally informative. They’ve requested that we bring in more presentations like yours!

I’m sure you were pleased with the evaluation results; you and your team received such positive feedback. I was happy to see that all the participants enjoyed your presentation as much as I did. Your Core Values Index™(CVI™) is a great tool for ensuring maximum employee performance, and I can see why your company has been so successful. I definitely plan to use what I learned in my next career role.

Nancy Brandrud, International Society for Performance Improvement Program VP

I am writing this letter to express my satisfaction and gratitude with the Core Values Index™, and your written guide to said index; "HOW CAN THEY POSSIBLY THINK LIKE THAT???" I can’t believe they think like that! I have found this book to be well-written, and useful in many aspects of our business.

As a 20-year veteran electrical contractor, we frequently have many difficult personality types that we deal with in a given business day. When we operate within the team building guidelines encouraged by Taylor Protocols I find that our results are more productive, flexible, and effective. Without this resource, personality issues often became inefficient and sometimes costly to replace people within a team that seemingly could not work with each other. We now understand the personality-related why’s and how’s which allow us to make more informed personnel decisions and changes.

I highly recommend the Taylor Protocols Employment Pre-selection System™, the CVI™ and the accompanying book. Thank you for offering such a valuable cost-saving tool.

Michael Woods, President, C.A.E. & Associates, Inc.

After 25+ years of managing sales and marketing people I have found no other quicker way to figure out where someone is coming from or how to determine where they will go than using the CVI™ assessment… For all the mistakes, broken promises from staff that were ‘Oh so sure of themselves’…where have you (CVI™) been all my life!

Torrey Russell, Director of Marketing, DocuTouch, Seattle WA

The training we received for our sales staff has given us the capability of generating and tracking quotes and closing sales effectively. The CVI™ was the best part, providing each of us a better understanding of ourselves and of each other person on our team. Add to that the ability to identify people with specific Core Values from body language, room décor, communications style and verbal clues has each of us being very intentional about our sales process for each individual decision maker. The list of strategic value words you provided along with our understanding of the four Core Values and the Six Types of people has made the adaptation of our sales approach to each individual simple and fun.

Robert Krippner, Krippner & Associates, Santa Cruz CA