Taylor Protocols - The Top Performer Profile™(TPP™)

The Top Performer Profile™(TPP™)

Right Person/Right Job

The TPP™ dramatically increases the success rate of finding new top performers.

The first Employment Pre-Selection tool that is positioned at the very beginning of the hiring process as a true objective screen. The TPP™ is based on a company’s top performers and their performance and used to pre-select future top performers from the incoming candidates for a given job. This is different than the usual subjective process of reading through resumes, performing phone interviews, followed by a series of personal interviews, just to see if the candidate may be similar to current top performers.

Each candidate for the given job is sent an email with a link to the CVI™. The CVI™ is then completed by the candidate and their score is automatically received by the hiring manager or HR professional and compared to the Top Performer Profile.

Taylor Protocols uses its patent pending algorithms to find Core Values patterns in existing top performers. This validates and proves that the resulting TPP™ will consistently identify new future top performers, while screening out a vast majority of future low performers. This not only dramatically increases the success rate of finding top performers and shifts the performance bell-curve, but also saves time, money and resources in finding the right candidates and eliminating those who are not going to prosper in the job.