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“The most powerful business management tool in my forty years experience…” Chuck Orton, President, MacDonald Miller

“The best training ever received by our thousands of Executive Coaches…” David Belden, Best Practice Chair, Vistage International.

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Core Value Index Assessment

Experience the Core Values Index™ now. Discover your innate core values, your wired-in Human Operating System™, your six types of contribution, your negative conflict strategies, your deepest fears. Begin your discovery of Core Values Consciousness, a new pathway to personal excellence and happiness.

Grass Is Greener

Grass is Greener – just released!!
Join the Better Work-Life Revolution™The secret is not to learn how to have fun and joy at work; the secret is to do work that is naturally engaging to who you are and what you are, so you know that you are making your highest and best contribution. This allows you to experience real joy naturally as part of your work-life. This is what Abraham Maslow called “peak experiences.” Sometimes this makes the right job downright fun.

The Core Values Handbook

Enjoy learning about the complete Core Values Index™ asessment, and the way the CVI™ is used by businesses of all sizes to dramatically increase human productivity and company profitability, beyond levels generally believed to be possible.

Choices the book

Choices unfolds a tried and proven means for self-discovery and self-mastery. This is practical guidance about how we can each become the person we are meant to become; how to allow our adapted personalities to fall away; giving all of our attention to the work at hand through a commitment to being who we are.

Free human productivity ROI

Request our FREE human productivity ROI and receive FREE personal assistance in the completion of this important (almost never considered) human capital ROI.